I am walking for dementia research in Erasmus MC

Cevdet Acarsoy

( Ik start mijn wandeling tijdens het event bij het Erasmus MC | Lid van team: Alzheimercentrum Erasmus MC )

van totaal € 150 (10%)

I will also put on my walking shoes on Saturday December 17, 2022. With this I support dementia research at Erasmus MC.

The proceeds of the Rotterdam Memory Walk will be spent on research into vascular dementia. Vascular dementia is a form of dementia that is common, especially in old age. This form of dementia is caused by problems in the blood circulation in the brain (vascular damage). There is currently no treatment that can cure vascular dementia. However, doctors can treat the causes of vascular damage. This treatment may slow the worsening of vascular dementia.
Therefore, recognizing vascular damage in patients with memory complaints or dementia is important for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Together against Dementia!

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